An Introduction

Gabriella Bollobás is an artist who has lived three different lives in three very different places. Born in Budapest, Hungary, she spent the first 12 years of her professional life as an actress, musician, and singer in her native country where she appeared on stage and in films and on tour in Europe and Australia.

She left Hungary in 1969 with her husband Béla, a mathematician, and settled in Cambridge, England, where she began training as a sculptor. Inspired by the atmosphere of academia, she began creating busts of the distinguished scientists and mathematicians who lived and worked at Cambridge University. Her subjects include Nobel Prize Winner Paul Dirac, and John von Naumann, who is widely known as the father of computing, and arguably the world's most famous scientist, Stephen Hawking.

During the last 25 years, Gabriella has produced over 60 busts of scientst from all over the world. Many of them are now in academic institutions, museums, and libraries, and several are also in private collections but she has not confined her work purely to academic subjects. She continues to produce sculptures in marble, alabaster, York stone, soapstone and bronze. In the past few years, she begun to explore painting in oil and acrylics.

Although she still travels widely, Gabriella spends most of her time between her homes in Cambridge, England and Memphis, Tennessee. For more information about Gabriella's existing work or how to commissision new work, please contact Gabriella Bollobás at